Essential Oils: Meet Peppermint

Peppermint is one of my favorite essential oils. If you stick around long, you will find that I have a lot of favorites! But truly, peppermint is one of them.

One of my favorite things about essential oils is their versatility. Essential oils aren’t like pharmaceuticals with one symptom, one treatment. Peppermint essential oil, and others, are useful on a variety of levels. Here are some common uses for peppermint, and some recipes we use in our home!

It should be noted that peppermint essential oil shouldn’t be used with infants. Studies have shown that peppermint, when inhaled by infants, may decrease their breathing to a dangerously low rate. Save the peppermint usage for kids older than 6.


Peppermint is great used topically in many ways. You should use peppermint diluted, because it can cause skin irritation for some. Also take caution to keep it away from your eyes or other sensitive areas. If it starts irritating your skin or eyes, be sure to rub a carrier oil on the area to dilute the oil.


Peppermint is great at relieving tension in sore muscles. Put a drop in some carrier oil and let the peppermint melt the discomfort away.

Peppermint is also useful for tension in one’s head. We like to blend peppermint with lavender in a roller ball container. Just apply it wherever you feel the discomfort. I apply it to my temples, because that’s where I feel it, while my husband and 9yo son feel their tension across their foreheads.


Peppermint is great for aiding in digestion. Simply put a drop in some carrier oil and rub it on your stomach in a clockwise manner. Our food moves through our intestines in that way, so massaging the oil clockwise will further support digestion and movement through the intestines.


Peppermint oil smells amazing, and because of the high menthol content, it’s great at relieving congestion. Peppermint is also really great at helping create mental focus. I love using peppermint aromatically right away in the morning to get us moving, or any time I need to get some work done. It’s invigorating and just wonderful!

Git ‘Er Done Blend

This is one of my favorite blends of all time. I use this Git ‘Er Done blend whenever I’m feeling sluggish and I have to get some work done. The Wild Orange helps elevate mood, while the Peppermint wakes me up and gets me motivated.

We also like to diffuse a Respiratory Blend containing peppermint when people are congested. It contains laurel, peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon, ravensara, and cardamom essential oils.

Rodent Repellent

Mice don’t like the smell of peppermint, so both the herb and the essential oil are effective at repelling them. Simply place a couple drops of peppermint essential oil on cotton balls or scraps of fabric and place them where mice tend to get in. You’ll have to replace them every once in awhile, but it’s effective! You can use the herb as well.


Remember that one drop of peppermint essential oil contains what you would get out of 26 cups of peppermint tea! Essential oils are potent, and should be used internally with care.


One of the biggest reasons, in my opinion, to use essential oils internally is for internal issues, like digestion. For some, massaging a drop of oil over the abdomen does amazing things for digestion. Some people, however, prefer to use their peppermint internally. Make sure to take it with a bit of fat to dilute it in your stomach.


I’m not going to lie, peppermint tastes amazing. I don’t use oils very often in my cooking, but peppermint makes a killer addition to ice cream.

My new favorite is to add one drop to my cream or half and half before adding coffee to my cup. Just make sure you add the oil to the cream first, then add your coffee. The peppermint will mix in with the fat of the cream and be dispersed throughout your coffee rather than sitting on top. Delicious!

There you have it! A bunch of practical ways to use this very versatile oil.

What’s your favorite use for peppermint oil?

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Which oils do I recommend?

Essential oil safety and purity is vital when you are using essential oils to support your family’s lifestyle. I only use doTERRA’s essential oils because I believe in the safety, consistency, and purity of their oils.

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