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Practical fashion. That’s what I’m all about.

Only recently have I begun to truly choose a style for myself. Over the past several years I’ve worn t-shirts from high school, or what I could find on the clearance rack or at the thrift store. It has only been in the last few months that I have begun to analyze what I really WANT to look like, and begin slowly purchasing things (on clearance and at the thrift store) that embody that “look”.

Today I have a guest post from Dawnita at Prairie Dust Trail to help us with HOW to choose clothes that look good on our bodies. Please join me in welcoming Dawnita!

Thank you for having me as a guest today Virginia! First, let me assure your readers that I am NOT a fashion-ista with the perfect figure and tons of money to spend on clothes. I have six children and my body is abundantly curved and scarred from my blessings. I buy most of my wardrobe at thrift stores or clearance racks. I would like to share with you a few tips for dressing to suit and flatter your figure, style, and complexion. Lets let go of frump or pomp and try to hit a nice middle of the road, realistic look. We don’t have to give up comfort or cute to be stylish and elegant.


Wear clothes that fit you well. There are so many styles and fits today, shopping can be a nightmare if you aren’t sure what you’re really looking for. You don’t just go shopping for a pair of bottoms, ladies. First, you MUST consider your build. There are three basic body builds. They can be broken down, of course, but I’d like to keep things simple. All need balance. Find what you need to balance you.

  • Y shape ladies need minimization on top and add fluff and fun on bottom for balance. Darker or more neutral colors on top. If you’re layering, a deep V neck helps a lot. Stretchy tops with texture help to minimize without accentuating. You want people to look at your face, not your bulk. You can wear fluffy skirts with lots of frills and ruffles and wide leg pants, bright colored bottoms, or the bells with decorative legs. If you’re short, knee-length skirts & capris or tall boots help give a look of height. If you are tall, bright colored maxi-skirts look nice.
  • Pear shaped ladies, like me, need darker, loose fitting bottoms. Shop “relaxed fit” for comfort and flattering fit. Don’t try to squeeze your bulk into sausage skins! If you wear stretchy things that look tight or form fitting, wear long tops and tunics to help blend. Wear bright, fun, and fluffy tops and scarves that help bring attention to your face in colors that complement your complexion.
  • Straight ladies are a bit more flexible. You can use two strategies. One – wear fun belts or outfits with waistbands to give more contour in the middle. Two – Tops with collars, frills, or embroidery around your neck and shoulders. A-symmetric hems and fun layers will help give depth and movement.

Whatever you wear, make sure you don’t have to pull, tug, or rearrange things every time you stand up. If it doesn’t hang comfortable naturally, it probably doesn’t look as nice to others either.


Don’t pick out something just because it’s on sale, cute, or your favorite color. Think about how it will look. Out here where the wind is blowing constantly, there are some styles that don’t work unless it’s an unusually calm day. If it’s transparent, wear a cami. …and when did it become “the thing” to wear spaghetti straps with bold or contrasting colored bra straps showing? It’s trashy girls, really. Layer coordinating colors together in a way that flatters instead of distracting. You can be comfortable and still look pretty.


To complement your complexion, it doesn’t matter how light or dark you are. I’ve seen very dark women wear the same colors as my porcelain tone with complementary beauty. It’s the undertones in your skin that make the difference. We all have them. Try holding something bold up to your face and see how it looks. If it makes your skin appear too red, yellow, or blue then that is NOT your color. If it gives you a lovely glow; go for it! Ask someone you trust. Think about the colors you get the most complements in.


Remember to dress for the occasion. Spring & summer events early in the day call for light airy colors, short sleeves, and calf length hems with few accessories. Think rainbows and tropical birds and fish, but don’t try to be them all at the same time. In the evening pick a solid color with bright, fun accessories. In fall and winter, wear ¾ to long sleeves in more earthy colors and longer hems. Think mountain ranges. During the day, brighten things up with a bold scarf and in evening keep things in jewel tone colors with minimal accessories.

For weddings and special occasions, try to be classy ladies. We don’t want to outdo the bride, but we don’t want her wedding to look like she has a bunch of uncaring friends and family either. Let her know you really care about her event by dressing nice. Navy and Plum are colors that tend to work with anything. Dusty blues and purples in mid-length dresses or outfits always complement as well. Dress professional, or “Sunday best”. Don’t dress for the beach unless it’s a beach theme or beach-side event.

Practical Fashion | Practical fashion tips for the low maintenance woman! | Virginia George

Dressing nice doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun and flattering to any figure and style. I hope some of these ideas help.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

Dawnita Fogleman is a fifth generation Oklahoma Panhandle Pioneer. She remembers only ever wanting to be a scientist when she grew up. While she has decided to never grow up, she researches and experiments with her family. Dawnita helps the love of her life manage the family business, small farm, and six amazing, exclusively homeschooled blessings. The oldest two are graduated and starting their own businesses. “Sometimes I struggle with carrying Bible, coffee, sewing basket, and feed bucket all at the same time so I commit the Bible to my heart, sip my coffee fast, sew every chance I get, delegate chores, and disciple the children along the way.” On the Fogleman Funny Farm every day is a surprise! She blogs about homeschooling, homemaking, and homesteading at and recently published Star Chronicles: A Bible Based Study of the Stars.

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