Meet Virginia

If you’re a 30-something mom-type with a little sass, or you can relate to one, you’re in the right place!

Meet Virginia |

I’m Virginia. As you probably guessed, I’m a 30-something mom-type with a little bit of sass. Or maybe a lot of sass. You decide. I’ve got 5 kids (4 boys and a girl if you want to know, because people always want to know), and my husband and I have been married forever. Since we were 21, so do the math. We live in the country and have amassed a medium flock of pecking birds out back, who, in return for food, keep us from buying eggs at the store.

I like to write, sing songs to my kids that they’ve never heard, and tickle my husband when his back is turned. I also like to lift heavy things. My personal best is a 225# deadlift and a 200# back squat, which is nothing for many people but is pretty dang good for this mom-of-5. (And I didn’t even pee myself in the process.)

I’m passionate about equality, natural living, eating real food, getting out in nature, and I’m way more organized on the outside than on the inside.

But life isn’t always PRs, quirky songs, and silly mom moments. I married young, and while having children young has its advantages, I wasn’t prepared. Four kids in 6 years and an unbalanced marriage left me overwhelmed, alone, and depressed. A wonderful woman of God spoke at a ladies’ conference at my church and her message reached my desperate and lonely soul long enough that I started to believe there was hope, I wasn’t alone, and life was worth fighting for. So began my journey to healing, which continues to this day.

These days my house contains several sensory processing disorder diagnoses, which mostly means we can go from a quiet afternoon to all-shit-hitting-the-fan in about .03 seconds. Relearning how to parent my kids and disentangling myself from previous notions of parenthood and normalcy is how I spend much of my spare time these days. Throw in a gym session a few times a week and you have a fair representation of my life!

While this isn’t the life I planned, it is rich and funny and tragic and fulfilling. I’d be lying if I said I “wouldn’t have it any other way,” but then again, I hear that kids who listen the first time are rarer than unicorns, and we all know unicorns didn’t make it on the ark.