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Welcome to the July 2020 edition of casino games real money no deposit McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

Here are the highlights:

  • UN: Libyan arms embargo extended
  • WTO: COVID-19 notifications, TBT notifications, DSB activities
  • WCO: News and events
  • USMCA: Uniform regulations issued (see also Mexico, Canada and United States}
  • CITES: Notifications to parties
  • FAS GAIN Reports
  • Canada: CUSMA (USMCA/T-MEC) regulations, miscellaneous regulations, trade sanctions (Taliban, CAR, DRCongo, Eritrea, DPRK [N. Korea], Somalia, S. Sudan, Sudan), D-Memos, Customs Notices, AD/CVD cases
  • Mexico: T-MEC (USMCA-CUSMA) decree, text and regulations issued, General Rules of Foreign Trade, FTA government procurement thresholds, AD/CVD cases
  • United States: Presidential documents, Chinese human rights violations, International Criminal Court sanctions, pandemic border restrictions, Hong Kong status, Supreme declines to review 232 tariffs, USMCA high wage components and labor committee, Mexico government procurement, USITC delivers MTB petition report, 232 and 301 updates, exclusions and CBP guidance, steel monitoring, US-Italy and US-Colombia cultural property agreement, USMCA regulations and implementation instructions, COAC virtual meeting, User Fee Advisory committee, broker district fees, proposed modernized broker regulations, "Lever rule" applications, withhold release orders, revocations/modifications of CBP rulings, CSMS messages, FTZ orders, State updates Cuba Restricted list, Syrian sanctions, ITAR suspensions, modifications for COVID-19, Entity List and OFAC SDN notices, Huawei participation in standards development, Australia Group amendments, FTC and CPSC documents, AMS concludes pilot ACE/ITDS test, USDA documents, AD/CVD cases and scope rulings.
  • Brazil: AD/CVD, CAMEX Resolutions, SECEX Portarias, SECEX Circulars
  • Australia: Customs notices and Gazette documents, AD/CVD cases
  • China: MOFCOM and GAC (Customs) notices, Hong Kong strategic trade controls circular, mainland circulars, AD/CVD case
  • India: CBIC tariff and non-tariff notifications, CBIC circulars and instructions and DGFT notifications and public notices, AD/CVD cases
  • New Zealand: New tobacco rules, public consultation on mercury imports/export
  • Singapore: Strategic Goods controls
  • Thailand: Trade remedy investigations
  • Vietnam: REX numbers for exporters to EU, EU-Vietnam FTA and EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement update
  • European Union and EFTA: EU-Vietnam FTA, classification regulations, Official Journal, Regulations, AD/CVD, restrictive measures (sanctions) updates
    • France: Notices to importers
    • Switzerland: Nicaragua, Yemen, Syria sanctions, Recueil officiel
    • Iceland: Customs act amendments, cross border movements
    • Ireland: Marketing regulations, restrictive measures
    • Liechtenstein: COVID-19 customs measures, restrictive measures
    • Malta: Travel ban, smuggling
    • Norway: customs act and regulatory amendments, COVID-19 restrictions, Nicaragua sanctions
  • United Kingdom [transitioning out of EU]: negotiating objectives on FTAs with Australia and New Zealand, legislation, restrictive measures (Somalia, Cyber, CAR, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Bosnia and Herzegovina), HMRC updates
  • Turkey: Tariff schedule amendments, customs communiques, import supervision, FTA with Kosovo, export controls, free zones, import regimes, unfair import competition
  • Ukraine: miscellaneous import requirements, AD/Anti-subsidy investigations
  • Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU):
    • Russia: Disputes involving sanctions against Russian persons must now be settled in the Russian state courts, customs service orders, adoption of preliminary decisions, decrees
  • South Africa: Rules amendments, COVID-19 notices

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