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Deciphering Data Webinar Series

A global webinar series on data privacy and security that aims to help you decode complex developments in cybersecurity, data protection, litigation and enforcement.
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Today's rapidly evolving technologies have made it easier than ever for companies to collect, use and transfer data throughout the world. The regulation of data has expanded, imposing complex and often inconsistent privacy and data protection standards. At the same time, the legal and business risks associated with non-compliance have escalated. We advise multinational companies on all aspects of data privacy, security and information management, including: 

Global Privacy and Data Protection

Our global privacy practitioners understand the interplay of privacy requirements with labor and employment laws, consumer protection laws and other local laws. We advise on privacy policies, data storage, retention and destruction, privacy complaints and investigations, disputes, data access requests and transfer and disclosure agreements. We also conduct multi-jurisdictional reviews of the collection, use and transfer of data.