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There is No “I” in Marriage :: The Importance of Playing Doubles

In marriage we can choose to work together or be adversaries. But what does tennis have to do with it? | Virginia George

I’m not much of a tennis player. In fact, I have an overwhelming tendency to hit the ball too hard and send it sailing outside of the fence. Tennis isn’t my sport. Marriage is, however, and there are some striking similarities between a tennis match and marital conflict. Let me explain. Sometimes life feels a bit […]

Book Review: “The Everywhere God” {and GIVEAWAY!}

"The Everywhere God" Review and Giveaway, through 1/4/16!

If you or anyone you know are going through a difficult time, and need a reminder of God’s presence in your life, do I have a book for you! “The Everywhere God” is a sweet poem written by Pastor Bob Nelson. His granddaughter was going through a difficult time in her life, and he wrote […]

Choosing Your Wardrobe

Practical Fashion: Choosing Your Wardrobe | Dawnita from Prairie Dust Trail shares with us her tips on choosing your wardrobe carefully. | Virginia George

Practical fashion. That’s what I’m all about. Only recently have I begun to truly choose a style for myself. Over the past several years I’ve worn t-shirts from high school, or what I could find on the clearance rack or at the thrift store. It has only been in the last few months that I […]

Practical Fashion: JORD Wood Watch

A wood watch is a universal accessory, it goes with everything. JORD wood watches are beautiful, and has been gracing my wrist for the better part of the last year! | Practical Fashion Series | Virginia George

I may not be super fashion savvy, but there are a few things that bother me. Black with navy. Toe cleavage. Hair sprayed to immovable perfection. I know. I’ve been known to wear sandals in the snow, but having toe cracks peeking out of ballet flats is off-limits. Trust me, I know. It’s weird. When […]

The Lies We Tell

the lies we tell

Several months ago I had a conversation with someone and they called me out on one of my blog posts. This person said that I didn’t live the advice I gave and they were going to call me out publicly as a liar. I was bewildered. Deeply hurt. Convicted, and shattered. It is a big […]

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