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How to Care for Your Goose :: Taking Care of Yourself this Holiday Season

If you have a Goose that Lays the Golden Egg, how will you make sure your eggs are large and plentiful? Take care of the Goose, of course! You are that goose. | Virginia George

The holiday season is a busy time of year. It often involves traveling or having visitors, lots of delicious food, and family. Family can be good or bad, depending on the dynamics of yours. It’s also a time of caring for others. Some people purchase gifts for other families or participate in an Angel Tree, […]

What’s in YOUR Water? :: Contaminants

There can be hundreds of possible contaminants in any water supply. Here are 3 common contaminants, and how to remove them. | What's in YOUR Water? :: Contaminants | Virginia George

I like trivia. Sometimes I remember the most obscure details and facts, and I can’t stand it when I forget irrelevant details. I have to get it exactly right. So here is some trivia for you. And no, I didn’t know these numbers off the top of my head, I had to look them up. […]

A Frugal Family Christmas

A look at 4 ways we keep Christmas memorable on the cheap! | Virginia George

The “Christmas Season” seems to start earlier and earlier every year. This year, I don’t even think it was Halloween before I spotted Reese’s Peanut Butter Trees in the check out line. It also seems like the pressure to have an epic holiday grows every year too. Tablescapes. Decorations. Presents piled high under the tree. […]

Essential Oils: Meet On Guard

Uses for On Guard Essential Oil | Virginia George

We love using essential oils in our home. I started using them for cleaning when my oldest was an infant. I didn’t want him crawling through cleaners on the floors, and licking other cleaners on the tables or woodwork. My journey with essential oils began there, and has grown over the years into this empowering […]

Healthy, From the Inside Out! :: Reducing Our Toxic Load

Healthy, from the Inside Out! Reducing our toxic load. | Virginia George

It used to be that when I thought about being “healthy” I thought about eating right and exercising. These are two really important components of health, but I have learned they’re not the only ones. While food and exercise are at the foundation of our health, reducing our toxic load is an important factor as […]


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